Paintings and murals.
The first period of the Kader Series was from 1993 - 2005. In addition to working on canvas  I  made six murals for the City of Kingston and one mural for the 2001 Kingston Biennial Sculpture exhibition. In 2022 I continued with paintings on canvas and panels.

Bas reliefs. 
In 2020 I started making Kader bas reliefs. The frames are made of Calcast 300 "porcelain plaster" and are painted, stained, carved, drawn upon or covered with metal leaf.  The backgrounds are paintings on canvas or board.

These are biographical works of art.  I grew up near the Wadden Sea and live now again  - after having lived in several countries - close to it now.
Digital photography.  My photography is mainly concentrating on the Wadden Sea in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. I work mostly in monochrome as it brings out the forms and moods of the Wadden Sea. It furthermore reflects my experience with the Wadden Sea not just as a beautiful place but  also as a dangerous territory where, before the arrival of GPS, many a sailor lost his life. 

Paintings. In these paintings I try to express the feelings and moods of the Wadden Sea. They are rather minimalistic and subdued in color in order to emphasize an insular mood of a person looking out over the Sea.

Read more about my work in About Me (above).

 More of my work can be found on  Facebook pages Fine Art by Hendrik Dijk and Photography by Hendrik Dijk